Quantitative Methods

GEAS Organizational Structure

GEAS Organizational Structure

Phase 2 of the GEAS is a longitudinal survey study that employs measures that were developed and piloted during Phase 1. This module will provide insight into what those measures are, how they were developed, and how to manage a large scale longitudinal survey study.

By the end of this module you should be able to…

  •  Understand the role and function of data collectors and managers

  • Understand the field logistics of data collection

  • Understand GEAS Quantitative Measures and how they were developed

This serves as an introduction to the GEAS quantitative measures. These measures are all open source and can be accessed here. We have also provided a condensed sample training schedule that can be adapted to fit your team’s purposes.

We have also provided a couple of presentations that describe some GEAS measures in further detail. Those can be accessed here.

This section provides training material for data managers. We’ve provided a more comprehensive Data Manager Manual along with training and logistical resources. Since the GEAS uses Survey CTO as its data management service, all materials were developed with this in mind.

Soon, the GEAS will be providing our open access surveys in French, Spanish, and English in a Qualtrics compatible format. We will update our manager training with Qualtrics specific details.

This section is a comprehensive resource to get local data collectors prepared for their role. The main resource for data collectors will be the data collection manual, but we’ve also provided a few training materials and logistical field resources.