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The GEAS is pleased to make available our study questionnaires. Questionnaires are available to download in two forms, PDF and QSF, at the links below. The QSF files will allow you to import, customize and administer electronic surveys on the Qualtrics platform. While we are unable to support in-depth support for this feature, more information is available online pertaining to getting started with Qualtrics platform, no-cost Qualtrics accounts and importing Qualtrics survey files.

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Available Quantitative Questionnaires





Origin of the Questionnaire

The Global Early Adolescent questionnaire draws from existing validated scales and items and also includes new bespoke scales created to obtain information intended to illuminate the Study's research questions. The gender norms scales were created using themes identified in narrative interviews with adolescents and parents in urban or peri-urban sites around the world by an international research team for the purpose of measuring gender norms among young adolescents internationally, filling a gap in survey tools. The vignettes-based measure of gender equality draws from stories shared and enacted by young adolescents around the world at intensive workshops. Stories common across sites were aggregated and form the basis of the Measure, which aims to illuminate attitudes about gender equity and equality.

Validity and Pilot Testing 

The questionnaire was tested for face validity among 20 adolescents aged 10-14 in each of 15 poor urban or peri-urban sites around the world, pilot tested among 120 adolescents in 14 sites, and after revising, pilot tested again among 75 adolescents in 6 sites.

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Socio-demographic and Contextual Characteristics




Health and Behaviors

Self perceived health and body comfort | Mental Health|Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge

Adversity and Violence|Substance Use|Romantic and Sexual Experiences|Media Engagement


Perceptions of Gender Norms and Gender Attitudes

Gender Norms Scales: Sexual Double Standard|Gender Stereotypical Roles|Gender Stereotypical Traits

Vignettes Based Measure of Gender Equality



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