Ethics in Research and Programming with Very Young Adolescents

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Research with VYAs tends to be ethically tenuous for a number of reasons. Although numerous case studies exist, clear guidelines for research and programming with VYAs do not exist.

By the end of this module you should be able to…

  • Understand the role of consent and assent in the context of working with VYAs

  • Understand the role of abuse protocols

  • Describe the unique ethical challenges in working with VYAs

This section provides an overview of ethical practice working with VYA’s. Since there are large gaps in our understanding of ethics working with this important population, we will be updating this list soon with novel resources.

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Other Resources

  1. UNICEF Innocenti Center

  2. Young Lives Study

  3. World Health Organization

Coming Soon!

The GEAS, WHO, and collaborators will be developing a platform for disseminating resources and guidelines for Ethics in Research and Programming with VYAs. We are also developing a comprehensive literature review on the subject. Stay tuned for more on these developments!

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