Introduction to the GEAS Training Suite

The GEAS Training Suite is a resource for research and programming with Very Young Adolescents (VYAs). Because working with VYAs is often prohibited by ethical review boards and other regulatory bodies, the ethics and logistics of conducting research with VYAs is poorly explored.

At the GEAS, we believe that quality research gives voice to its participants. To exclude youth from research would be to muzzle their voice. That is why we’ve created this open source training suite to help guide the inclusion of youth in research and programming.

By the end of this module you should be able to…

  • Understand the basic elements and goals of the Global Early Adolescent Study.

  • Understand the significance of engaging young people in gender programming and research.

Main Sections in This Module:

  1. Overview of the GEAS

  2. GEAS Brochure

  3. Early Adolescent Development

  4. Gender Norms in Adolescence