Rebecka Lundgren, PhD, MPH

Qualitative Researcher


Dr. Rebecka Lundgren is the Director of Research for the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at the Georgetown University Medical Center.


She has an MPH from UCLA and and a PhD in Applied Anthropology at the University of Maryland. She has over 25 years of comprehensive, hands-on experience in the design, implementation, management, and evaluation of sustainable reproductive health and behavior change programs, with particular interest in addressing gender issues and engaging men in reproductive health and family.

Prior to joining IRH, she worked for the Population Council in Honduras where she conducted operations research and provided technical assistance to strengthen family planning services, especially in rural areas. As an applied anthropologist, she has expertise applying qualitative and ethnographic methods to her work, and has developed innovative mixed method approaches to evaluate fertility awareness and gender transformation programs for very young adolescents. She is one of very few global experts in Very Young Adolescents, and one of a handful with qualitative research methods expertise in this area. Over the past five years Dr. Lundgren has conducted numerous studies with this age group, encompassing formative research, intervention pilot studies and evaluations. She led development and testing of the My Changing Body Curriculum in India, Guatemala, and Rwanda, evaluation of CHOICES in Nepal and research on CycleSmart, a puberty education and menstrual hygiene intervention in Guatemala and Rwanda.

She is the Principal Investigator of the USAID-funded GREAT Project (Gender Roles, Equality and Transformation) a six-year project aiming to facilitate the formation of gender equitable gender norms, prevent gender-based violence and lay the foundation for future sexual health among 10-18 year olds in Northern Uganda.