Achieving Gender Equality By 2030: Putting Adolescents at the Center of the Agenda

Achieving Gender Equality by 2030: Putting Adolescents at the Center is a report based on the analysis and recommendations of a global coalition of adolescent health experts. It proposes that the world will never achieve the United Nations fifth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG5), which aims to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” by 2030, “by focusing on girls and women alone and excluding boys and men.”


This report argues for a broader set of indicators for tracking progress on achieving SDG5 that would include, among other things:

• Tracking the percentage of both boys and girls who at the community level feel that they can ask for help when needed since there appears to be a strong relationship between voice and empowerment

• Tracking the percentage of boys and girls who feel safe in their neighborhood, as safety and security is a critical factor in the healthy development of both boys and girls; for example, the new study on adverse childhood experiences found a third of children reported a persistent fear of physical harm

Additionally, it argues that to achieve sustained gender equality, research, policies and programming should be grounded in a ‘life-course framework,’ which would “recalibrate the planning of interventions for specific age groups and enhance the potential impact of development programming.”

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