GEAS Descends on Geneva

Last month, advisory committee members and investigators from each of the fifteen GEAS sites met at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland for a week of information sharing, discussion, training, and decision making.

The blue sky over Geneva must have been very concerned about our comfort, for it made sure that temperatures were in the triple digits (Fahrenheit) throughout our stay. Our gracious hosts at the WHO took care that we didn’t get too comfortable, treating the team to some of the grounds’ most lovely and delightful accommodations.

During one exercise, we listened to quotes from narrative interviews from China to Belgium and many countries in between, then broke into groups to discuss what we found most surprising, what commonalities we saw among sites, what differences, and how these understandings might move the GEAS closer to addressing its primary research questions.

I immersed myself in GEAS that week, taking detailed notes and speaking with advisers and investigators whenever possible. As a new member of the GEAS team at Hopkins, the meeting was the perfect opportunity to meet each of the collaborators face to face and to get to know not only their needs as investigators, but their interests and stories as well. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a little time with the passionate and dedicated people who are the GEAS.

Contributed by Lydia Animosa, Research Program Coordinator